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Somebody Told Me

13 Nov

Somebody Told Me

Phat Quarter swap piece, theme “Somebody Told Me.” I was unable to get The Killers’ song out of my head, so I just went with it. (I realize that the D&G feather jacket was for Day and Age and the song’s from Hot Fuss.)

Glitter thread on everything!

Glitter Berries

15 Sep

Glitter Berries

…the ones that fill your mouth with beautiful sparkling glitter when you bite into them? THOSE are the ones that make you act WEIRD. That is, until you spread your shimmering wings and fly away!

Made for the Phat Quarter food swap.

Glitter Berries french knot detail

216 French knots, 84 of them with sparkly floss. Also “glitter” is all sparkles.

of repeating, replicating structures

19 Jul

of repeating, replicating structures,

Participating in the Embroidered Digital Commons project with the Mr X Stitch crowd. Our term is “fractal.”

I used X-bar syntax to highlight both the structure and the repetition–the generative, fractal nature–of language.

Beware of DRD

3 Jul

Beware of DRD

You mess with the bull, you get the horns. You mess with Moya, you get lasered by these adorable little guys.


19 Jun


Promo shot for the Pamela Anderson vehicle Stacked, in the style of an ALA poster, plus backstitching and sparkles!

Detailed shots after the jump.

It’s a Sin, Tequila Mockingbird!

22 May

It's a Sin, Tequila Mockingbird!

Made in response to the FFFoF Phat Quarter book-themed swap. Challenge: To Kill a Mockingbird, but NSFW.

…challenge accepted.

Source image via Strange Sisters.

Detailed shots after the jump.


23 Sep


Diabeetus detail

Did you know that the cost of your testing supplies may be covered?

Source image from Google Images. I can’t find the creator.

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Cackle of Rads

29 Aug

Cackle of Rads (framed)

Cackle of Rads

Stitched in celebration of this delightfully weird neologism coined by Sarah Palin, who is, above all else, a masterful entertainer.

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Booze Ain’t Food

11 Aug

Booze Ain't Food

One of the greatest quotes ever from William Murderface on Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse.

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