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You Are Lisa Simpson

30 Jul

You Are Lisa Simpson

Aren’t we all?

The French knot and I finally made friends to finish this.


30 Jul


After the sketch in the weird Mexican Heinsenberg shrine as seen in the Season 2(?) opener.

Satin stitch on the hat and sunglasses.

Want it? SOLD!

of repeating, replicating structures

19 Jul

of repeating, replicating structures,

Participating in the Embroidered Digital Commons project with the Mr X Stitch crowd. Our term is “fractal.”

I used X-bar syntax to highlight both the structure and the repetition–the generative, fractal nature–of language.

Beware of DRD

3 Jul

Beware of DRD

You mess with the bull, you get the horns. You mess with Moya, you get lasered by these adorable little guys.