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It’s a Sin, Tequila Mockingbird!

22 May

It's a Sin, Tequila Mockingbird!

Made in response to the FFFoF Phat Quarter book-themed swap. Challenge: To Kill a Mockingbird, but NSFW.

…challenge accepted.

Source image via Strange Sisters.

Detailed shots after the jump.

Teeny Foot

19 Mar

Teeny Foot

Teeny baby foot!

11″x14″ on 14-pt Aida. Begun Thanksgiving 2010, finished March 2011. I spent four months proving to myself that I need to manually restrict the color palette when working in grayscale.


23 Sep


Diabeetus detail

Did you know that the cost of your testing supplies may be covered?

Source image from Google Images. I can’t find the creator.

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12 Aug


This is from one of my wedding photos and took a good couple of months. The piece measures roughly 11″x14″ on 14-pt Aida.

MST3K Face/Off

11 Aug

"I like the part when they rip each others' faces off..."

MST3K Face/Off framed and in the wild

“I like the part where they rip each others’ faces off…like in that movie Face/Off.” MST3K is hilarious, but Nicholas Cage movies are funnier.

About 150 colors in this bad boy. 6″x3″ on 14-pt punishing black Aida. (Here is the chart I used for the guys.)

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