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12 May

Ele Carpenter’s posted the slideshow for “Fractal,” the term the Mr X Stitch group contributed to the Embroidered Digital Commons. Mine is “of repeating, replicating structures”–go see!


5 Jan

MST3K Face/Off was featured in an Etsy treasury! Thanks, Dream Version!


26 Nov


Oh, 1812. Dear guardian/best friend/pilot fish/robot kittycat. I love you so.

Somebody Told Me

13 Nov

Somebody Told Me

Phat Quarter swap piece, theme “Somebody Told Me.” I was unable to get The Killers’ song out of my head, so I just went with it. (I realize that the D&G feather jacket was for Day and Age and the song’s from Hot Fuss.)

Glitter thread on everything!

Glitter Berries

15 Sep

Glitter Berries

…the ones that fill your mouth with beautiful sparkling glitter when you bite into them? THOSE are the ones that make you act WEIRD. That is, until you spread your shimmering wings and fly away!

Made for the Phat Quarter food swap.

Glitter Berries french knot detail

216 French knots, 84 of them with sparkly floss. Also “glitter” is all sparkles.

You Are Lisa Simpson

30 Jul

You Are Lisa Simpson

Aren’t we all?

The French knot and I finally made friends to finish this.


30 Jul


After the sketch in the weird Mexican Heinsenberg shrine as seen in the Season 2(?) opener.

Satin stitch on the hat and sunglasses.

Want it? SOLD!